Tired of your deformed nose? Or are you having trouble breathing because of a strangely shaped nose and want it changed? Then having Rhinoplasty surgery would be a wise decision. It aids in giving your nose a new shape. It is also known as a nose job. Rhinoplasty surgery is typically performed using one of two techniques. The first technique involves making cuts or incisions within the nostrils, whereas the open technique involves making cuts across the tissues, between the nostrils, and within the nostrils as well. The open technique is the preferred technique these days because it makes the procedure easier.


Factors such as knowing whether you are eligible for the surgery or not, which hospital or doctor is best for your nose job, complications or issues that are likely to arise, reviews of previous patients, and, most importantly, the cost of Rhinoplasty surgery. In many cases, everything is set – hospital, doctor – but the issue of money arises. Surgeries can be costly, so consider this when making a decision about your nose.


Concerned about the costs associated with your nose job? Then don’t worry because they’re reasonably priced. The costs vary depending on the technique used, the hospital chosen, the medications prescribed, the anaesthesia used, diagnostic tests, follow-up sessions with the doctors, and other factors. However, it is always recommended to make no compromises with your health and body and to do what is best for you just like it is said to never compromise with the quality of any product or service. The expected costs range from 30,000 to 1,50,000 rupees, plus free emi services. The cost can vary depending on the surgeon’s reputation and experience, as performing such intense and complex surgeries is no joke. When compared to other cosmetic surgeries, nose job or nose reshaping is a slightly different procedure. It entails using our left brain to think and then taking each step very carefully, while our right brain is involved in using our creativity to give you the desired shape. So it is not an easy task, and everything has a cost.

The dilemma now is which clinic or hospital in Hyderabad should you select for your Rhinoplasty surgery. If you found Personiks in your search engine, you can stop looking because it is the best hospital for rhinoplasty surgery in Hyderabad. 


‘Personiks’ is a brand that believes in revitalising your image. We believe not only in giving you a new face or appearance, but also in giving your soul a new look. Let us explain why we are regarded as the best rhinoplasty surgery hospital in Hyderabad. This is due to the fact that Personiks has tools that no other hospital has. For your treatments, we have the best, most experienced, and qualified doctors. Dr. Guru Karna is regarded as the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Hyderabad, having more than 18 years of experience and serving as an excellent mentor to others. We maintain transparency in all costs, procedures, and complications that are involved or are likely to occur, but we also maintain confidentiality about our patients and provide them with an assured, safe service.

We go over every detail of the pre and post-surgery requirements and care with you. We keep customer satisfaction as our number one priority because we understand how important your body and its changes are to you. It is also essential for today’s generation and people to be familiar with evolving technology; we also maintain our expertise in technology that is relevant to our field and case. With our help and care, the duration of surgery and recovery is very short and quite impressive. We ensure that our patients are followed up on in order for them to recover faster and receive better care. As a result, Personiks is the best hospital in Hyderabad for rhinoplasty surgery, and doctor Guru Karna is the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Hyderabad.

What more could you possibly ask from a hospital if you are provided with premium care, affordable and transparent costs for surgery, follow-up sessions, patient confidentiality and security, and experienced doctors? So hurry up and book your appointments now because your nose is tired of being in the same shape for years. Even with the rising costs of just about everything, you may be unable to avail the service at the current rates.