Do’s and Don’ts after Liposuction Surgery

Liposuction is the famous cosmetic surgery procedure, which removes excess fat from some body parts like neck, hips, thighs, arm and brings perfect shape.

Liposuction is a painless, Non-surgical procedure and removes excess fat from the body very easily

Do’s and Don’ts after Liposuction Surgery

Recovery Timeline After Liposuction

Two to three days of surgery:- most patient face pain and feel discomfort after a few hours of surgery. Some medication will be given to improve comfort level .at this point of time patient should take rest.

1 to 2 weeks After liposuction: At this time, the patient still fell pain. But pain is manageable and tolerable.

3 to 4 weeks After liposuction: Around this time you can see slightly healing and painless. a patient can do normal easy exercises.

DO’s After liposuction

Maintain a good diet:- Good diet enhance the recovery from liposuction.

  • Eat more protein-containing food. This will helps in faster recovery.
  • Eat fruits and vegetables contain vitamin c.
  • Intake more vitamin B12 and iron reach food.
  • Eat fibre-containing food.

Do maintain a gentle activity: After liposuction body needs time to recovery.we need to give some time to body to recover, take rest for few days.

Wear compression garments: This will helps in faster recovery. avoid wearing tight clothes this will irritate your skin and slow down recovery.

Stay hydrated:- Maintaining hydration is very import in daily life. But for After liposuction which is more important to stay hydrated, drink minimum 10-11 glass of water Daily.

Do visit Doctor for recommended checkups: After liposuction keep visiting the clinic where your liposuction is done. better visit the clinic, when the doctor told to visit.

Don’ts After Liposuction

Avoid food like

  • Avoid eating sugar-containing food.
  • Avoid eating more salt.
  • Avoid fast food.
  • Avoid Fried food.

Don’t go for heavy exercise: Only do light walk, Don,t go for heavy exercise.

Don’t take more pain killer: Don,t take more pain killer like Aspirins,anti-inflammations, this may affect the recovery period.

Don’t smoke and Drink after Liposuction: Avoid smoking and drinking for some time after liposuction or else this leads to slows down the Healing process and rises some complication.


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