Butt Lift Surgery in Hyderabad

RECOVERY TIME : 1 - 2 weeks

Butt Lift Overview

A buttock lift is a cosmetic surgical procedure to improve the appearance of the buttocks. It may be done as part of a tummy tuck (belt lipectomy) or lower body lift to contour the buttocks, groin, thighs and abdomen.

Be it from the natural side-effects of aging or weight loss, skin surrounding the buttocks can become loose or sagging. A butt lift procedure tightens the skin around the buttocks and upper thighs to create a firm, taut and shapelier appearance.

Butt Lift Procedure

During a traditional butt lift procedure, incisions will be made under the butt cheeks along the natural fold where the butt meets the upper thighs. Any hanging, loose skin will be trimmed away and the remaining skin and underlying tissue will be pulled tight to a new position. The incisions are closed with sutures. Once the incisions heal, the scars left behind will be somewhat inconspicuous because of where they reside. It is important to note that liposuction is sometimes a part of this procedure if excess fat is also a concern.

Butt Lift Recovery Time

Butt lift surgery is an outclient procedure that is performed under general anesthesia at an accredited surgical facility. The entire surgery typically takes about 2 hours to complete. Swelling and bruising will be evident for the first several months, but once this subside clients are usually able to see the surgical results. It could take from 6 months up to a full year for the final results to take shape.

Butt Lift Cost

Butt Lift cost ranges from INR to , however this will depend on your particular case. This can only be determined during a consultation with your surgeon, and following that an accurate price can be quoted.

Butt Lift Surgeon in Hyderabad

Dr. Guru Karna, leading butt lift surgeon in Hyderabad, with distinctive treatment style, ensuring his clients utmost satisfaction and 12+ years experience in cosmetic surgery procedures has developed tremendous cosmetic practice exposure by travelling and interacting with various surgeons. His practice hails from being part of Apollo hospitals from initial stages of his career and also continues his services with his private consultation.

Butt Lift Cost in Hyderabad

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