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Double Chin Correction Surgery

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Double chin correction is done to correct saggy area or excess skin around the chin. There are people who are frustrated by these excess skin called double chin.

Treating this area of stubborn fat and sagging skin can be achieved effectively – and without resorting to double chin surgery – through fat removal treatment (the CoolMini™ from CoolSculpting®) combined with skin tightening and lifting treatment through (Ultherapy®). Depending on the patient, it may be that treatment only with Ultherapy is required.

How can you get rid of your double chin?

The CoolMini is a fat-freezing treatment specially designed to treat smaller areas of fat bulges. We were the first clinic to offer this new double chin treatment and our patients have been delighted with the results.

CoolSculpting is an FDA-approved fat freezing, fat loss (cryolipolysis) treatment applicator with an innovative applicator – the CoolMini. It’s specifically deigned to treat small or hard-to-reach fat bulges, such as double chins.

This revolutionary fat freezing technology targets, cools and reduces unwanted fat cells in the selected area. These cells crystallise, then shrivel away. Your body metabolises them and gets rid of them naturally, with a noticeable and long-lasting reduction in the unwanted fat bulge.

CoolMini treatment is often combined with Ultherapy: an FDA-cleared, non-invasive ultrasound procedure for lifting and tightening skin on the chin and neck and redefining the jawline.

Ultherapy tried-and-tested ultrasound technology gradually strengthens skin from deep within and stimulates the growth of new collagen and elastin. Results can be more effective because your practitioner can see the layers of tissue targeted during your treatment and ensure the energy is focused to precisely where it is needed.

How will I know which double chin treatment is right for me?

Double chin treatment may be at its most effective when combining CoolMini fat freezing technology with Ultherapy skin tightening technology. However, depending on the patient, it may be that treatment only with Ultherapy is required. During your consultation, we can discuss a tailored treatment plan that will meet your specific needs.

How soon will I notice results?

CoolMini results can start to be be seen in just 4-6 weeks with optimum results seen between 12-14 weeks. With Ultherapy, there is an initial lift after their treatment and real results can become more apparent over three to six months and will last up to a year or more.

How long does double chin treatment last?

Once the treated fat cells are crystallised (frozen), they shrivel and are naturally reduced from the body. This results in a noticeable and long lasting reduction in the unwanted fat bulge. As long as you stay healthy, the long-term results should remain stable. Patients treated with Ultherapy still have fresh young collagen even after a year. Although nothing can put a stop to the ageing process, Ultherapy touch-up treatments will keep rebuilding collagen.

Every patient is different and your medical practitioner will give you all the advice you need.

What should I expect?

At the initial stage of treatment with the CoolMini, you will experience a firm pulling sensation on your double chin being treated. The cooling process should then numb the area after a few minutes. With Ultherapy, there may be slight redness for up to an hour or so afterwards, and a small percentage of patients may have slight swelling, tingling or tenderness to touch. This effect is mild and only temporary.

We will explain everything in detail and make you feel at ease and relaxed on the day of your treatment, knowing you’re in safe, expert and medically qualified hands.

How safe is double chin treatment?

CoolSculpting is an FDA-cleared cryolipolysis fat freezing treatment. It safely delivers controlled cooling to gently and effectively target and reduce unwanted fat cells beneath the skin’s surface.

The ultrasound imaging technology in Ultherapy has been safely used in medicine for over 50 years. Over 1 million Ultherapy treatments worldwide have been performed so far, and the procedure is approved for safety by the FDA.

Is there any downtime?

Because CoolSculpting with the CoolMini is carried out without the need for surgery, there is little downtime and most patients can return to their normal activities right away. A little redness may occur but this usually disappears very quickly.

With Ultherapy treatment, there may be slight redness for up to an hour or so afterwards, and a small percentage of patients may have slight swelling, tingling or tenderness to touch. This effect is mild and only temporary.

Will it hurt?

Some people find double chin fat freezing treatment uncomfortable during the first 5-15 minutes when the CoolMini applicator freezes the skin and fat, but very few patients have reported experiencing sensation during treatment and all have said that it subsided quite soon.

With Ultherapy, discomfort may only happen when the ultrasound energy is delivered, but this is a temporary sensation and a positive sign that the collagen-building process has been initiated. A recent upgrade, Ultherapy Amplify, has been introduced which has been found to be more comfortable.



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