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Liposuction Treatment

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Benefits of Surgical over Non- Surgical Liposuction


Non-Surgical (CoolSculpting)


Fat RemovalSmall Amount
Large Amount
Results in


Body ContouringLess Visible
Very Visible
Longevity of ResultsPermanent
Maintenance Required
Lose SkinCannot be done
Can be combined with Procedure
CostUnpredictable and costly in long run
Predictable and one time for that body part

Actual People. Actual Change

Why Choose Personiks?

USFDA Treatment

Delivered by plastic surgeon

Painless Procedure

With best pain management

24X7 doctor access

& Best Follow-Up Care

Technologies Use for Liposuction at Personiks


VASER is precise ultrasound-assisted technology combining mechanical and acoustic fragmentation of fat, designed to optimize procedure speed and efficiency while minimizing trauma to surrounding tissue.


Laser liposuction provides precise sculpting and potentially faster recovery but effectiveness varies. Consulting a healthcare provider helps align it with body contouring goals.

Power Assisted

Power-assisted liposuction enhances precision and efficiency, potentially reducing procedure time and surgeon fatigue. Its effectiveness varies, highlighting the need for consultation with a certified healthcare provider.

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Dr Gurukarna Vemula

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sasha Gosika
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Dr. Guru karna is an excellent doctor, very patient and very much detailed. I had got my liposuction and tummy tuck at a different place at first and the after care was pathetic which got me infection and need of second suturing that’s when I have visited Dr. Guru karna, he has explained everything very well and he did the second time stitches with minimum scar and after care was very good. The staff is very nice, they treat everyone with so much of attention.
Md Farhan
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I got my lipoma treatment done by Laser Liposuction at Personiks. I am so happy that I can wear sleeveless again, with virtually no scar. The team is also super helpful. Totally
Ashwini Gudimitla
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I waited 6 months in fear before approaching personiks...I approached personiks for arm lipo. The friendly manner of front desk guys , Dr. Rajani , mamatha,chandan.... made me comfortable. Dr.guru karna vemula is superb doctor he explains the problem in detailed way and helps us with the problem to overcome. I would like to thank each and everyone from the hospital for helping me with the problem...awesome guys they are...Thank u sooo much.
Karthik M
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Dr. Guru Karna Vemula is one of the best in this field. I spoke to him in length, telling him about my concern about Scarring, asking him the techniques being used and almost every doubt I had. He was extremely patient with me. All the other doctors ask patients undergoing this procedure to take Vaser liposuction, take a full day hospital stay, and the healing involves scarring. Dr Guru Karna uses Laser Lipo. and I was ready to go home in a few hours. Just within 2-3 days, life was back to normal. I never felt any pain at all.
Bhavya Honey
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Dr. Gurukarna garu Truely affords to attain the best result and make us feel happier with the procedure done.Laser liposuction really helped me with a positive results in a very short span of period, we need not worry for the side effects which we come accross with the liposuction in social media, sufficient precautionary measures are taken by the team to avoid those. Apart from procedures done physically, the Dr. do enhanced me with mental support with a very patience.Showed concern towards me during the postprocedural period by having a phone call.Right from consultation till the follow up visits, doctor and the other staff are very much caring.
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