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Facial Scars Therapy

Transform Yourself and get rid of the embarrassing Scars with Our Widest Treatment Options

Reduce the appearance of facial scars with our innovative therapy

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Types of Scars & Their Treatment @ Personiks Hyderabad

Keloid Scars Treated by laser, excision or injections in 30 mins.
Contracture Scars from burns treated with advanced dressings and skin grafts
Acne Scars or Chicken poks Treated with Pixel Co2 laser​

Non-surgical Scar Removal using Pixel Co2 Laser

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USFDA Treatment

Delivered by plastic surgeon

Painless Procedure

With best pain management

Treated in 30 mins.

With effective outcomes

24X7 doctor access

& Best Follow-Up Care

Frequently Asked Questions

Scars are a natural outcomes of a healing process. These could be acne scars, scars from chicken pox or pock marks, burn scars, keloid scars or hypertrophic scars. Some scar types such as contracture scars from burns, hypertrophic scars which are raised, keloid scars that grow beyond the injury site, acne scars can be embarrassing or ugly. 

People want to treat scars because they are embarrassing or ugly. Scars on the wrist from a self-harm attempt can bring back sad past memories. Hence treatment of scars mostly are for psychological reasons. However, major scars can have physical effect, e.g. large scars on joints can restrict movement and should be treated to help improve function.

Both surgical and non-surgical options are available. The treatment choice depends on the scar. The treatment includes scar excision, laser ablation, skin and collagen grafts. A plastic surgery unit like ours delivers all treatment based on patient needs.

Not really. A skilled surgeon uses effective pain management techniques to ensure near zero pain. In large scars, General Anesthesia can also be used to ensure complete client comfort.

The number of treatments required for facial scars therapy can vary depending on the type and severity of the scar, as well as the specific treatment method being used. Some treatments may require only one session, while others may require multiple sessions.

The amount of time it takes to see results from facial scars therapy depends on the specific treatment being used and the severity of the scar. Some treatments, such as topical products, may take several weeks or months before any improvement is noticeable. Other treatments, such as laser therapy, may produce immediate results, but may require multiple sessions for optimal results.

The cost of facial scars therapy varies depending on the specific treatment being used and the location of the provider. However, as a general estimate, the cost of facial scar therapy in Hyderabad can range from approximately INR 3,000 to INR 25,000 or more. procedures may cost

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