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Skin Whitening is a procedure that helps to resurface the skin and lighten abnormally darkened skin caused by sun damage, aging, hyperpigmentation or other causes. There are many types of Skin Whitening Treatment that may work for different causes of dark spot.

Skin lightening, skin whitening, and skin bleaching is a process for lightening skin tone using chemical substances or lasers. This method provides even skin complexion by decreasing the melanin concentration.

The amount of melanin determines the colour of the skin. Melanin is a type of skin pigment that is produced by the melanocytes individuals with dark complexion have more melanin.

The melanin content in your skin is decided by your genetic makeup. Certain factors such as hormones, skin damage, exposure to sunlight, exposure to some chemicals may also affect the production of melanin.

We at Personiks, offer a variety of treatments that promote perfect, bright skin. Whether lasers, peels or nutritional therapy, you can get the skin you desire with our medical grade treatments. Our Specialist offers a variety of treatments that promote perfect, bright skin. Whether lasers, peels or nutritional therapy, you can get the skin you desire with our medical grade treatments.


Many options for Skin Whitening Treatment can help you with fair and glowing skin. These options work mostly to improve the overall health of the skin and inhibit the production of melanin, the pigment whose overproduction causes a darker skin tone. Here, the most commonly used and highly effective skin whitening treatment options:

Topical Treatments

Many types of topical creams exist to whiten the skin tone. These are generally the first treatment options which mainly focus on inhibiting the production of melanin from lightening the shade of the skin. However, depending on your needs, your Dermatologist may prescribe the topical treatment that fits to you.

Most of these tropical creams contain Azelaic acid, Kojic acid, and Hydroquinone as their active ingredients. Never self-prescribe these creams, since only a doctor can assess which cream suits your skin type. However, the application of the topical creams is considered to be a long term solution, and it takes time for the tone of the skin to improve.

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are solutions in different strength and can be acquired from most drugstores without a prescription for application on the skin to correct various skin problems. They are applied to resurface the damaged top layer as well as to whitening the skin. When the skin gets removed, and new skin replaces it, the tone of the skin is lighter than before. It often helps in boosting the collagen production levels in the skin.

Depending upon the strength of the peels, these chemical peels may be applied several times (light and mild peels) or may just be used only once (deep peels). It involves certain mild side effects and downtime varies with the strength of the peels as well. It would be wise to leave the application of the peels to the experts to avoid any accidental skin damage.


Dermabrasion treatment uses a specialized wire brush to exfoliate the top layer of the skin. The healing process starts right away after the removal of top layers of the skin, and within a few days, healthier skin replaces the removed one. The appearance of the skin is lighter in color, and the improved collagen production allows the skin to be firmer than before.

As it is a highly invasive procedure, there is some pain involved in the treatment. However, your surgeon may administer topical anesthetics or local anesthesia to counter the pain. Be sure to have some time to rest after undergoing the procedure. It may also need several sessions to achieve the desired outcomes.


Microdermabrasion is a mildly invasive treatment option that uses tiny crystals for exfoliating the top layer of the skin. The crystals are sprayed onto the area that has to be treated with the help of a handheld device. Then, the exfoliated skin and crystals are gathered into a chamber using a suction pump.

As the healing process starts, the new skin layer replaces the exfoliated skin in a few days. It has a lighter skin shade with better overall health. It is also a supplier of more collagen. However, you need to consider a few sessions to achieve the desired skin tone.

Laser Skin Whitening Treatment

In Laser Skin Whitening Treatment is exposed to a concentrated beam of light to destroy skin cells in different layers. It triggers the fairer and healthier skin cell growth. The regenerated skin is flawlessly toned and is generally for dark skin.

What are the benefits of skin lightening and whitening treatments?

There are many benefits of the skin lightening treatment such as: skin lightening laser treatment and skin lightening surgery and whitening treatments and these are mentioned below:

Whitening the skin helps to enhance the overall look. Even though whitening of the skin doesn’t mean appealing look, for many people, this is just a personal preference, i.e. one may like it, and other may not. If someone is experiencing dull and darkened skin complexion due to sun burn or pollution for a certain period of time or someone isn’t happy with their original complexion, this treatment will help them to enhance their complexion by lightening it.

The treatment, such as: skin lightening laser treatment and skin lightening surgery also helps those who are facing complexion related issues. Some issues such as: Melasma, acne scar, uneven skin tone and hyperpigmenatation can be easily treated with the help of the topical lightening treatment.

The skin whitening treatment and skin lightening laser treatment and skin lightening surgery also helps with getting rid of the aging skin. In the present time, the whitening treatments are not harsh on the skin and they also contain ingredients which help the skin to look much younger, such as: Vitamin C and alpha hydroxyl acids, which help to stimulate the growth of collagen in the skin. With the skin improved, one will get more confidence with the help of the whitening treatments.



1) Which parts of the body can be treated with this?

It is not just the face but the underarms, feet, hands and even the lips can also be treated.

2) How many sessions are required and what is the duration of each session?

Generally to get optimum results one would need, an average of six sessions and each session happens at an interval of 2 weeks. The duration of each session would be thirty minutes. Post the completion of 6 sessions, maintenance sessions would be done once a month.

3) Is it safe and does it cause any pain?

All the Skin Whitening procedures at our clinic are absolutely safe and there is no pain involved whatsoever as we use only effective and proven techniques at our clinic.

4) What will be my recover time?

The recovery time depends on the type of treatment you undergo for skin whitening. However, if you are going for cosmetic surgery such as a laser one, then it may take up to 2-3 weeks to recover.

5) What are the side effects?

Absolutely none except a mild redness which goes away after fifteen minutes.

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