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Vacuum Roller Massage

This is a powerful technique for removing fat deposits from your body - one of the most effective currently available. The vacuum roller massage we offer will give you visible effects immediately after your first procedure, and is always delivered by a professional & trained specialist.

What is vacuum-roller massage?

This massage technique removes so-called "orange peel," shapes your body, and works on areas of cellulite, leading to weight loss.

Roller massage creates irritation in the skin, the effects of which are to improve microcirculation, lymph flow, and metabolism, which will increase the nutrition in the skin and surrounding tissues. There is also a beneficial effect on collagen and elastin fibres, which will improve the elasticity of your skin.

Does it hurt?

Because the process involves the deliberate irritation of the skin, there is often pain involved during the treatment. Don't let this put you off though - the results are there for all to see! You'll be able to discuss this in person during your free consultation too.

How many treatments will I need?

Though you'll see a noticeable difference after only one session, the full course of treatment will be ten sessions, with one or two-day gaps in between appointments.

Can I get this treatment in combination with any other?

One of the key advantages of vacuum-roller therapy is that using this technique seems to work particularly well in combination with dieting, acupuncture, coding, and other weight loss methods. The massage serves to strengthen the skin, and smooth out the effects that other treatments might have, as well as eliminating cellulite itself.

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