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Radio Frequency Body Contouring Treatment in Hyderabad

Radio Frequency Body Contouring


Love your shape with Radio Frequency Body Contouring.

At Personiks, we understand just how persistent stubborn fat and cellulite can be. You’ve tried everything with diet and exercise but the bottom line is that it won’t budge an inch. Whether you’re struggling with baby weight, a muffin top or are looking to sculpt your body, we’re here to help.

Our radio frequency body contouring brings together 2 incredible methods of fat reduction and body contouring in 1 award-winning technology. The Exilis Elite machine uses both mono-polar radio frequency and ultrasound to target those stubborn areas of fat and cellulite while firming and tightening the skin without surgery, anaesthetic or even downtime.

There’s no doubt that this treatment is ahead of its time. Scientifically proven, its safe energy heats your skin and the fat cells beneath. This helps speeds up the fat cells’ metabolic activity causing them to shrink. At the same time, collagen is stimulated and strengthened to help firm your skin and improve tone and texture.

Radio Frequency Technology

The heat used is controlled by the Exilis Elite’s unique cooling feature so there are no worries that it’s too hot to handle. Lots of people find the treatment really relaxing as the heat feels similar to the sun on a warm day. You’ll need more than 1 treatment to start seeing results so we recommend a course of 6 treatments and regular top-ups – but everyone is different so we can talk through this when you come in for your consultation.

What can we treat with radio frequency body contouring?

The great news is that this treatment is suitable for just about anywhere but it’s especially superb for:

  • Saddle bags

  • Love handles

  • Inner thighs

  • Bingo wings (flabby arms)

  • Abdominal fat deposits

  • Post-baby tummies

Individual results may vary. This treatment is not a weight-loss solution. At Personiks Lab we encourage our clients to adopt a healthy lifestyle to maximise results.

Radio Frequency Body Contouring Treatment Cost in Hyderabad